April 23, 2014

Wednesdays in the Word

Hospitality- receiving or treating guests and strangers warmly and generously 

I read a book recently that had a chapter on hospitality and it said that we need to take the greeting of our guests seriously. It said "The threshold is the place or point of beginning" and that "A home is someone's intimate space, and it's just natural to feel like you don't belong."
"Making people feel as if they do belong within the first few seconds is critical."
I'd never really thought about that before but I sure can attest to the need for it, having been invited to someone's home and then having not felt at all welcome. Have you ever been in that situation? It is oh-so-awkward. (and I'm sure, unintentional)

Jesus was in this situation once only it wasn't unintentional. He was invited to Simon's house and Simon neglected to show Jesus the common courtesy due a guest in that culture.
He didn't offer Him water to wash the dust (and possibly dung) off his feet from the unpaved roads.
He didn't give him a proper greeting, which was a kiss. (I love that about the Latin culture around us)
Nor did he give Jesus anointing oil for his head. (which I'm guessing was probably a must in a deodorant-less society) ; )
 (Luke 7:44-47)

Hachnasat Orchim is a Hebrew concept/custom for "welcoming guests like welcoming God."
How beautiful is that?

Here are some hospitality tips that I enjoyed reading:
Open the door for your guests before they arrive. -Don't leave them waiting uncomfortably at your door for you to answer it.
Walk them all the way in and introduce them to people. -Make sure they are involved in conversations with others before leaving them.
"Pepper people with questions about their life."
Use place cards to show people they were thought of before they arrived.

"Like Peter, people don't feel like they deserve extravagant blessing. This is the power of your home. Every time you stoop down to wash the feet of the wandering souls who enter your home, it reflects the central story of God's love for people." (I love that)

"He welcomed us to his home and showed us generous hospitality for three days." Acts 28:7

"Gaius, whose hospitality I and the whole church here enjoy, sends you his greetings." Rom. 16:23

"Share with the Lord's people who are in need. Practice hospitality." Rom. 12:13

"Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it." Heb. 13:2

"We ought therefore to show hospitality to such people so that we may work together for the truth." 3 John 8

Hoping to be more hospitable in the future,
(tips and quotes taken from Hugh Halter's book: Flesh)

April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

The annual Easter pose!

And since this our first Easter after Nathan moved to CA,

 I had to add him to a picture. 

(even though our kids said this made him look dead) 


April 19, 2014

The Best Friday

Yesterday, Hubby had the day off for Good Friday and we had a breakfast date. Then we did a little shopping at the mall and bought his yearly pair of work boots.
When Zac got off work, we decided to do something fun with the fam. (actually 1/2 the fam) : )
We went to this place downtown, that we'd been hearing about, which is an English bookstore, gift shop, and coffee house all in one. Zac described it as walking into a scene from Downton Abbey, so of course, I was all in! : )
The parking was across the street and when we got out of the car, it wasn't even sprinkling. Then we took a few steps and it started to sprinkle and then we took a few more steps and we were officially caught between two places in an absolute downpour. It was raining sideways and all my umbrella did was keep my hair dry. (isn't Floridian weather fun?)

We arrived at this quaint place totally drenched!

But thankfully, they had hot drinks!

We had a great time drinking, talking and shopping.

We kept thinking of C.S. Lewis and Hubby asked if they sold pipes. lol

We can't wait to bring Nathan here when he comes home for a week in June.

I found a candle that smelled like the home my hubby grew up in, in Colorado. It sounds weird, but this mix of scents smells like everything we remember and LOVE about Colorado. It brought a rush of memories back to all of us. (and if it wasn't $55 I would have bought it) 

We wanted to go to a chocolate factory next (can you tell I planned this day?) but we were out of time.
 We headed home to change and then went to the Good Friday service at our church. 
It was an incredibly moving time remembering the death of our Savior. The best part was that a bunch of people made Him their Savior that very night as well!!!!

Then we headed home to eat the first BBQ brisket I've ever made, and jalapeno coleslaw and macaroni salad. 

Great memories made on this great Friday! Thanks for the pictures, Joy!

April 16, 2014

Wednesday in the Word

This is one of my favorite verses and one I want to apply to my life every time I read it. And in a world of sarcasm and come backs, I think these words would still make people take notice.

 "And all spoke well of him and marveled at the gracious words that were coming from his mouth. And they said, “Is not this Joseph’s son?” ~Luke 4:22

Praying that "gracious words" would be the only kind that come out of my mouth.

April 14, 2014

Our artist

Our daughter has been making some paintings for her friends. And as always, we are just in awe of her gift! How cute are the princesses from Frozen?!

~Proud Mom!

April 11, 2014

This and that

 I've been planting marigolds because nothing says spring like some bright yellow in your front yard,
and I've been raking never-ending piles of leaves because we have oak trees.

I've been on the quest to find a cute Easter dress for our 17 year old who hates to shop (how can that be?!) : ) And who sings in the front row of the choir. The choir has certain WONDERFUL rules of modesty for an outfit that need to be followed, which have been the same as our own personal rules of modesty, but were recently tweaked and made a wee bit more strict. All that to say, that it takes some doing to find something in the budget that meets the standards and I feel like I have shopped till I've almost dropped.

Our youngest teen had his annual testing this week, which means we were cramming in things we don't normally study like, say, longitude and latitude! And I could be heard saying, "I don't know, google it" more than once. ; )  He's in Algebra 2 but was rusty on the basic normal math that would be on the test so then I went into Homeschool Mom Panic mode!!! But the Internet saved the day with an awesome website that reviewed everything for his grade and corrected his problems on the spot and taught him the ones he'd forgotten how to do. (it's called IXL.com if your kiddos are ever in need of review) (not a paid ad, just a thankful momma!) The best part is, he said he ACED his test! : )

My brother-in-law is still healing from his sprained ankle, so care-giving has been a little more complicated this week.

We are going to a fund raiser tonight to support this ministry in their fight against human trafficking! It is a four course meal in someone's home and we've been asked  to wear our "finest black and white." I was totally stressing over what to wear for DAYS as if the Easter Dress Quest of 2014 was not enough!!!! ; )  And then I finally, finally, remembered I own a black dress that I rarely have a reason to wear. Relief abounds!

Hope you all have a great weekend and have some gorgeous spring weather to enjoy where you are (and no reason to have to go clothes shopping. LOL!)