September 2, 2014

No longer a beach wedding fan

Saturday, we decided it was time for some beach therapy!

As we were trying to get these selfies, some teenage boys walked by and teased us! : )

I was sooo excited to finally have dragged this cute guy to the beach! Then a mom with a crying daughter, told us she'd been stung all over her body by a jelly fish. Ekkk! That put a bit of a damper on things. Until we got down to the shore and found two weddings in progress! Who doesn't love weddings? Even if you don't know a soul, they are still fun to watch. ~I'm always trying to talk Joy into a beach wedding SOMEDAY but she's not a fan.

Just as the bridesmaids were about to walk down the sand/aisle all of a sudden it started pouring rain! I was too enthralled to leave. Then it rained even harder! It looked like the wedding would go on and so the guests just sat there. Bless their hearts. About this time, Hubby was ready to hit the road and we used our sun umbrella to keep us dry. He caught a glimpse of the bride at the other wedding standing under an umbrella. Poor thing!
As we were pulling away, I said "Wait, I think it is starting to clear up" and Hubby drove faster. ; )
Then we passed a mini van full of the bridesmaids who were trying to stay dry and some guests who were soaked to the skin in their formal attire.
 So, I think I'm over beach weddings now and I kind of bet all those folks are too.


September 1, 2014

Jehoval Jireh

In the midst of all the craziness of last week, the Lord did some marvelous things!

He truly is our "ever present help in time of trouble."

His care and miraculous provision have blown our minds this week and we are so grateful!

 For example, that oral surgeon's bill got taken care of! Amazing!
 And the pile of co-pays got paid!  : )

 Jehovah Jireh is one of His names and it means "The Lord provides." In other words, providing is apart of who He is and what He does. What a reminder we received!


August 30, 2014

Crazy week Part 2

We started school on Wednesday morning! We have a senior and a sophomore in our 'school' this year!

Life right now is a lot of running here and there all over town for appointments. In this month we've been to 2 different hospitals and 3 different cancer centers and several oncology appointments. Our phone always has messages from this office or that office and then there is all the calling I do, to get this doctor's office to send records to that doctor's office. There's tons of paperwork and payments to attend to. Not to mention all the cancer research you end up doing just to educate yourself... And all of your friends give you book suggestions and remedies they have heard about. (which is sweet)
But it's A LOT.
I feel like I have a new part time job, but instead of pay checks, I get bills! ; )
 ~And speaking of jobs, I applied for a part time one to help us through this time.

All that to say that it was a mad dash scramble to get things in order to start school and thankfully, it is all coming together. Last week, when I was working on everything for the new school year, I was happy to see that we didn't have any appointments for 4 whole days. Whoo-hoo!
And then, one of Zac's wisdom teeth became infected. And I had plenty more appointments...
Honestly, it was kind of nice to be in less dismal seeming waiting rooms than we are usually in and with younger people. We are usually in a waiting room with people who are 20 to 30 years older than my hubby. (and that in and of itself is sometimes kind of sad)
Anyway, the oral surgeon said all 4 wisdom teeth were impacted and had to come out ASAP. And it was THE.WORST.TIMING.EVER. Because we have plenty of medical bills as it is! When the surgeon said "You don't seem happy about this." I explained what we are going through and then he asked me a million questions about the cancer. (maybe to see if I was just making this up for a discount or something? I don't know) I think he did give us a bit of a discount. Thankfully.

So, Thursday was the big day for Z!
 He had already taken off work for four days to take his annual road trip to NC with his best friend. Surgery replaced camping. Poor guy! All went well, if you don't count him spitting out blood all over the dashboard of our car! He's been a champ. Bless him and his cute swollen cheeks.

That evening we had a (pricey) conference call with two doctors. This was for our second - second opinion. Or are there third opinions? I don't know. Anyway, both of these doctors have integrative cancer treatment centers on opposite ends of the country. One is a well known cancer research scientist and both use more natural means for treating cancer. To our surprise, he actually agreed with the other surgeons we've seen so far and believes that we need to treat this the traditional way with chemo/radiation and then surgery to remove all or part of the esophagus. He said if he was in Hubby's shoes, that is what he would do and that this is his best chance of survival. That was heavy. I had been praying for a way for him to keep his esophagus... But in the big scope of things, what does it matter?
After the call and dinner, Hubby took the kids to choir/ band because Zac didn't think Dad would be quite as good at nursing him as mom. ; )

I declared Friday to be a 'cancer-free day', meaning I wasn't going to do anything related to cancer. I wanted to just do normal things like school and grocery shopping. But it didn't turn out that way...
Which is fine, because we now know the path we have to take.
It is nice to be done wondering and done getting opinions, and tests and labs, for goodness sake.
We'll just go for it and believe God!
He's in control.


August 29, 2014

Crazy week Part 1

Here we are at the home restoration we did last weekend!
It was a blast!!! All these sweet volunteers came out and worked so hard in and around this small house without any A/C
in August.
God bless them!

 Pretty landscaping in front, tree trimming in front and back yards, painting the whole interior of the house, fence fixing, microwave installing, new doors for all the rooms, bi-fold doors for all the closets, light name it and they did it! My hubby did an excellent job of running the project and keeping us all focused.

On Monday, Andrew finally came home from his trip to CA to see his best friend. The poor guy had about 6 hours of delays but finally made it home late that night. I've decided that no one needs to go anywhere for 10 days, its way too long. ; ) We missed him too much! I'm so glad that he spent some time with his brother, his grandparents and his aunt while there! What a blessing! 

Tuesday, I worked at a voting poll for the primary election. Last time I worked at a poll it was the Presidential Election of 2012 and that was intense! We had poll watchers, grumpy voters and long, long lines. This election was really relaxed! The other inspectors were a sweet but rowdy bunch of retirees, lets put it that way. One was a 68 year old woman who could moon walk and did. They teased me all day long because I sat behind the sign for the line that said 'H-O 'of the alphabet. Oh my stars, did they ever get a kick out of that. They want me to work with them at this poll again in November and they planned a potluck lunch. I said only if I get to work the  'A-G' line. LOL 

Wednesday, my sweet hubby had ANOTHER endoscopy scheduled. By now, he knows what he is in for and how long his throat will hurt afterwards, so before he went he wanted to play the song Hello Hurricane. He's declared that song from Switchfoot (his favorite band) our theme song during this trial. Zac wasn't back from work yet, so they didn't have a drummer and our keyboardist lives in CA now. But Andrew did a great job on guitar and had the rare privilege of getting to play Dad's Martin. (years ago, the kids nicknamed the guitar 'Dad's 5th child' because he loves it so) Joy harmonized with Dad during the song, (a first) and it was beautiful. A very fun thing to do before an endoscopy if you have to have one. ; ) 
Moffit Cancer Center is sooo nice. No wheelchairs were hijacked and taken two blocks after this endoscopy. They have valet parking! 


August 22, 2014

An update on my sweetheart

Here is an update on my wonderful husband. He's been diagnosed with gastro esophageal cancer that was caused by an acid reflux issue that he didn't know he had because there were no symptoms such as heartburn etc.. The second opinion we got yesterday was the same as the first: Three months of chemo/radiation and then a surgery to remove all or most of his esophagus. They would then pull up his stomach (or his colon) to function as his esophagus. It is a major surgery and he will be in the hospital for 7-10 days and need to relearn how to swallow and eat. We will be consulting with one more doctor this week...
So thankful for our Great Physician who's got this! : )
 Thank you for praying and believing with us for his healing!


August 19, 2014

Weekend Fun

Friday, Joy and I decided we needed some 'beach therapy'! We are the only ones in our family who find the beach relaxing and fun! She was so cute and determined to go that she checked the radar at all the beaches and found one that didn't have any rain coming that day. (supposedly, but this is summertime in Florida for goodness sake!) So, we drove through dark clouds and rain to get there. But we could see the sunny spot in the distance that was our destination and we were so excited. But when we finally did the rain!!! So much for radar. We sat in our car during a monsoon and ate our lunch. When the rain slowed down, we ventured out for a walk on the pier with our umbrella and looked like total tourists. -But I'm pretty sure the tourists were the ones IN the water even though we could see lightening flashing above us.

On Saturday, Hubby and our kids and their friends all went to the One Republic concert. It was outdoors and thankfully it did not rain even though it was suppose to. Yay! (this had Hubby reminiscing about concerts he's been to at Red Rocks) The kids all thought it was the best concert they'd ever been to and Hubby loved it.

Sunday, we went to the engagement party for the lovely couple at church who got engaged on Tuesday.

Yesterday, Joy and I gave the beach another go, because well, that other trip was not too relaxing.
It was a gorgeous sunny day!!! Hooray! The only stressful part was being in the water when a group of 4-6 sting rays came our way. I moved out of the way!!!! And maybe screamed.
Joy, stood in their way and was completely still and watched them swim around her just inches away. It really was beautiful sight to watch, when I realized that our Miss Marine Biologist knew what she was doing and wasn't about to get stung. (that girl is a wealth of information on things related to the ocean) The sting rays swam by us another time and I kept my legs up and tried not to panic. I'm not sure this trip ended up ranking very high in relaxation points but we had a fun time together.

We heard from Andrew in CA last night and he's having a great time. Nathan made a beautiful video of Andrew and his friends playing guitar on top of a mountain. God's using that skill of his to help a bunch of para-church organizations and help him pay his way through school. So impressive!
He and Andrew and Andrew's best friend are going to San Diego to see my parents tomorrow! How great is that?! I'm so excited and I'm not even the one going! : )

This weekend we have a work project that our church is doing on Saturday that Hubby is in charge of. We are partnering with another ministry to help restore the home of an elderly woman in a rough area of town. So, we've been organizing this event since before the day the big 'C' word entered our lives and turned it upside down and this Saturday is finally the big day.We'll be painting, landscaping, tree trimming, mowing, dry walling and you name it... We have LOTS of volunteers thankfully. I love that our church is all about trying to make a difference in the community. It is going to be fun to see this dear woman who is not a member of our church, and doesn't live any where near it, get her needs met by the body of Christ. Because who better to do it than those trying to be like Jesus.


August 16, 2014

One of us is in CA

And what a welcome Andrew received!

I love all the love in this face! Brothers reunited! A precious sight to this mom!