November 21, 2014

Party on

Even though it seemed crazy throw a party when my Hubby was still SO sick, we realized it turned out to be some great therapy!
Zac said that he thought it bonded us closer together as a family during this hard time and he said it gave us all something to look forward to. He's so glad we did it.

And so we are on to the next party! : )

Not so much for therapy but because it just so happens that Nathan's trip out here coincides with Hubby's birthday and just about coincides with his!!!! Hooray!
(pretty sure that Hubby's celebration will be something very low key) : )

But we are going to throw Nathan a party with a bunch of his friends!
He'll be 20! And it will be a great way to see everyone at once!

The boys let me know that I can't be Pinterest-y so, really, how hard can it be?! ; )


November 19, 2014

Wednesdays in the Word

Two of our kids decided to join with others in our church, who are praying and fasting this week, for all the teens going to a youth retreat this weekend.
Super proud of them for their hearts for the Lord and their desire to see young people saved, delivered and healed!

I was encouraging them with Isaiah 58 because that is the chapter I love to read whenever I'm doing a fast. (not that I fast often or anything) I love what it says God does in answer to fasts! It is so powerful!

We are believing these things for all the students going this weekend:

~That God would "loose the bonds of wickedness" over their lives.
~That He would "undo heavy burdens and let the oppressed go free."
~And "break every yoke" of bondage they might be in. (verse 6)
~May "light break forth like the morning" in their lives and may any healing they need "spring forth speedily." (verse 8)
~From then on may they let "the Lord guide them continually." (verse 11)

Amen! Can't wait to hear the testimonies!


November 17, 2014

18th Birthday party!

We gave Joy a surprise party for her 18th birthday!!!
Oh my goodness! We were just sure the gig was up and she had it figured out at least four times last week! Oh the stress! LOL
It was pretty easy to throw her off the track by telling her that because of Hubby's cancer battle we were unable to do a party for her 18th. (Hubby said "Sure, throw the sick guy under the bus!") LOL : ) She understood of course, but we could tell that she was disappointed and that made the surprise so much bigger!

Eighteen sweet friends of hers came and helped us surprise her and she ended up being SO surprised that her knees were shaking!!!! : ) Bless her heart!

One of the highlights was that Hubby was able to see that moment and to give a little speech and pray a blessing over her like he's always done for our kids birthdays. So glad he was up for it! We planned the party in faith, hoping he would be.

Here are some pictures. We got our Pinterest on that day! ;)

A Kit Kat cake
And gluten-free cupcakes!
Everyone wrote notes to the birthday girl, which she loved!
Mug decorating with metallic sharpies!
We hung a frame that belonged to my grandparents from our tree for a 'photo booth.'
Andrew and I hung paper lanterns we found on sale at the party store and some Christmas lights at 11:00 PM the night before!

 Zac's girlfriend, Tiffany had an idea to make our outdoor party more fun! She rented a projector so that we could show a movie! So, we hung a sheet up where our porch swing normally is and it worked!

For dinner, I made my mom's Mexican Delight (taco salad bar) and the kids loved it.

We had a bonfire and made s'mores. Then we had popcorn and hot chocolate during the movie.
Having a house full of teenagers is one of our favorite things!
Foose-ball and video games

Happy EARLY 18th birthday, Joy!
We LOVE you!!! : )


November 16, 2014

Let the Christmas festivities begin

Joy and Andrew have a Christmas costume party to attend tonight! -I think that is such a great idea to have it now before there are too many Christmas events to fit on our calendars.

They are pretty excited. One of them is going as an elephant

and one is going as a homeless person.

(the homeless person felt the need to look up homeless people on Google to be sure to look authentic) LOL

Hope your weekend is this fun!

November 13, 2014

Jumping for joy

Our son, Nathan, ministers to youth at a church in CA and his precious church family has blessed him with a plane ticket home to see his dad!!!!! 
Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?! 
We are overwhelmed and grateful!
Hubby and I were both a teary mess!  ~I also did some jumping and squealing into the phone!

Nate is always the guy behind the camera. So, recently when we saw a video he made of a trip to Zion National Park with his friends, and he turned the camera around to show his face for a second, Hubby and I both said "Go back to his face!"
I paused the video and then took a picture of his face on the TV. LOL
Because we really miss this face!

And we sure can't wait to see it in person!

20 days and counting! Whoo-hooo!!!!!


November 11, 2014


 I'm happy to report that things
are looking up around here. : )
 Hubby was in horrific pain whenever he ate or drank anything and the pain meds were not working. (he finished 6 weeks of chemo and radiation a week and a half ago) 
But on Saturday, for no apparent reason, other than in answer to the prayers of so many friends, the pain improved! Thank you, Lord!
Whoo-hoo!!! Such a wonderful thing! 
He actually feels like he's starting to recover now!
He's weak as can be, and can't talk much, but he's smiling again! -He has even cracked a joke or two! 
What a wonderful thing it is to see some light at the end of this tunnel!

So thankful,